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modems should work now (who was going to work on ppp?)

From: Marcus Brinkmann
Subject: modems should work now (who was going to work on ppp?)
Date: Fri, 29 Sep 2000 20:14:48 +0200
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I just fixed a relevant bug in gnumach:

2000-09-29  Marcus Brinkmann  <marcus@gnu.org>

        * i386/i386at/conf.c (dev_name_list): Don't use MACH_COM to check
        if com support is enabled, but NCOM, as it used to be.

Com support was added in gnumach by default, but did not get an entry in the
device list, so comX devices couldn't be opened. Bad.

Now it works. I was able to talk to my modem with minicom (I think I needed
to disable m_flush, but I am not sure about my hack. So if minicom doesn't
work for you, ...), and dial out.

cd /dev
./MAKEDEV com1

So, who was going to work on PPP?


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