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Re: No more Mails please.

From: Joshua Rosen
Subject: Re: No more Mails please.
Date: Wed, 11 Oct 2000 15:00:14 GMT

Antti-Juhani Kaijanaho writes:

> On 20001011T130325+0000, Joshua Rosen wrote:
> > Why do you say that?
> > I imagine that it's to keep you from messing up *other* persons'
> > subscriptions.
> Of course it is.  But it is also keeping (or rather slowing) you from
> getting off that damn list.  Imagine that you may have been maliciously
> subscribed.  If getting off is hard, the damage can be extensive.
> However, for a public, archived list, resubscription after malicious
> unsubscribe is much easier and can at best cause a brief loss of mail
> from which you can recover by reading archives.

... once you realise that you've been unsubscribed, of course.
I was unsubscribed, once--I thought for a few months that the list was just
really quiet;).

You know that you've been subscribed to a list when you get a
confirmation-request from the list-manager (or hordes of messages)
(shouldn't a confirmation process prevent people from being subscribed by
others?); how do you know when someone's unsubscribed you?
Hm.... Maybe there should be *unsubscription-request-verifcation* messages

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