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gnumach and oskit headers

From: Igor Khavkine
Subject: gnumach and oskit headers
Date: Sat, 14 Oct 2000 13:40:30 -0400
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I've looked through gnumach's machine dependent headers trying to see
where they could be replaces by equivalet oskit headers to eliminate 
redundancy. So now I've eliminated most of the redundancy and removed the 
unneeded headers from my local copy of gnumach (oskit-mach) rather.

Now I'm just wondering if there are certain .h files that just HAVE to be there
and are maybe exported to user programs (in /usr/include/mach/) for example.
Also a lot of oskit headers are simply taken from mach and are identical 
except a few subtle cases. For example oskit/x86/base_gdt.h defines USER_CS to 
be 0x43 and i386/i386/ldt.h defines it to be 0x17. The macro names are the 
same and i've never seen a hardcoded value used it it's place, so is there a 
particular preference to either numerical value? Or is this question too 
trivial to be answered? :-)



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