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Off topic? Free software developers meeting

From: Raphael Bauduin
Subject: Off topic? Free software developers meeting
Date: Sat, 25 Nov 2000 11:33:00 +0100

Hi all!

I'm organising an open source and free software developers meeting, and it 
would be interesting to have some of you present (there are gGNU project I 
think should be represented as GPG, Hurd, and others I forgot but that are as 
important as those two....). It will happen in Brussels
the 3rd and 4th february 2001 just after the linux-expo in Paris, so if
you are there, it shouldn't be a problem to come over to Brussels and if you 
don't go to Paris, we would be happy to have you in Brussels anyway :-)

A very basic website is at http://www.raphinou.com with a mailing list,
and an apply form (this is not organised by a corporation, the .com was
easier to remember for my friends....  :-)

If you need more info, you can contact me at rb@raphinou.com so I can
mail you a document explaining what will hapen and who's coming
(confirmed are: Jeremy Allison-Samba, David Faure-KDE, Kevin 
Lawton-Plex86,Mathieu LAcage-Gnome, Peter De Schrijver-Embedded Linux, Ami 
Gangula-Midgard, Phil Thomson-Veepee, fyodor told me he would come too)

Thanks for your interest!


Open Source and Free Software Developers Meeting
               3rd and 4th february 2001, Brussels
Visit http://www.raphinou.com and subscribe to the mailing list!

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