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Re: aha 2920 adaptec [en]

From: Ripclaw
Subject: Re: aha 2920 adaptec [en]
Date: Mon, 15 Jan 2001 20:06:51 +0100

since i don`t know where exactly you
stand, here`s a couple ideas:

first, just replacing the files won`t
you got to know what does which work.
a lot of stuff changed between 2.0 and
2.2 drivers.

i would say first try reading the faq at
and link into irc.openprojects.org
#kernelnewbies for questions,
since i am not "the definite source" for
kernel driver problems.
if nothing really helps, try reading
kt.linuxcare.org issues
regarding the porting of drivers or
contact the drivers maintainer.

(i just know my way around small things
in a couple of different
kernels, this is too far above my head).

one thing to do would e.g. be to print
out the data passed to the
driver using printf debugging or a
kernel debugger,
prefferably via a serial line to another
machine, or produce a
coredump at some point. linux has
helpful documentation for the
magic sysreq key, which could also be
helpful for debugging principles.

my first step would be to read the code
in both drivers and check
wether they get the right informations
passed by dumping that to
a file or terminal somehow. -> did the
data format change ?

now try to find where the code hangs by
the part after it starts printing the
line about loading sequencer
code (e.g. printf or kernel debugger). 

third i would try to see what is done
with the data passed ->
are the same assumptions still met ?

next would be to analyze the complex
process in its entire -
at that point you could also write your
own driver once you
gotten that familiar with it. 

> > could be a whole bunch of possible
> > problems - try to
> > determine at which point it stops
> > working...
> > mail that to the list, preferrably in
> > english (more people understand).
> > - does GRUB work
> > - does it start loading
> > - presumeably it stops here someplace,
> >       try to mail us the last few lines it
> > says.
> Hi,
> My computer in work is with AHA-2940 and it doesn't work too.  I tried get
> it working by replacing files from 2.0.38 and 2.2.18 but it doesn't succeed
> too (cannot compile 2.0.38 because of asms or cannot use 2.2.18 because it
> raises SIGSEGV (destroys internal structures - there is no SIGSEGV;-) after
> detecting).  Can you give any directions how to port 2.2.18 driver correctly?

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