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From: Neal H Walfield
Subject: settrans
Date: Wed, 17 Jan 2001 02:28:17 -0500
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I have modified fshelp_start_translator_long to pass the task port for
the translator to the call back function.  This works fine if a debugger
is no attached to either the translator or the settrans.  When I do, the
translator gets MACH_PORT_NULL when it does a getport call.  Here is
some output:

neal@hurd:~ (0)$ settrans -acgP foo /hurd/ext2fs part/7 
Translator pid: 199
Pausing...                                       <-- Attach gdb
ext2fs: ../../project/hurd/hurd-build/libdiskfs/init-startup.c:178:
_diskfs_init_completed: Assertion `proc' failed.
neal@hurd:~ (0)$ 

If I do not attach a debugger, everything works correctly:

neal@hurd:~ (0)$ settrans -acgP foo /hurd/ext2fs part/7 
Translator pid: 213
Pausing...                                       <-- Just hit enter
neal@hurd:~ (0)$ ls foo
neal@hurd:~ (0)$ 

The callback function does the following:

  if (pause)
      fprintf (stderr, "Translator pid: %d\nPausing...", task2pid (task));
      getchar ();

Thus, all that has been added is the call to task2pid.

Any ideas?

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