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Re: Port to PowerPC

From: Peter Bruin
Subject: Re: Port to PowerPC
Date: Mon, 29 Jan 01 23:13:42 +0100

>>Now my question: Do all binaries, kernel and severs, have to be the same
>>format (ELF, a.out, Mach-O). Is there a chance to compile Hurd servers
>>to Mach-O?
>>If not I would say it's nearly impossible to get Hurd runnning on
>>something like Darwin.
>The servers don't have to be Mach-O, because only serverboot is loaded by 
>Darwin; the other servers are loaded by serverboot. The easiest is 
>probably to make serverboot a Mach-O binary and the Hurd servers ELF. I 
>don't think Darwin has a Mach library, so that will need to be ported 
>(from GNU libc?) to compile serverboot.

I looked at the source of the Darwin kernel, but it seems to have almost 
all Mach device support removed from it. So someone interested in running 
the Hurd and Darwin (MacOS X) together should put things from the 
original Mach 3.0 back into Darwin (devices, loading of servers, and 
maybe more), but I'm afraid that won't be easy.


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