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howto help

From: Peter Kadau
Subject: howto help
Date: Sun, 4 Feb 2001 07:12:52 +0100

hi !

i'm new to this list.

wanna offer my help

could do some testing to start with

what kind of "The Hurd" should i install ??
OR some-OSKit-version-of-mach-plus-some-things-i-don't-know-about
OR just-good-old-debian-packages ??

personally, i'm interested in 

--having a filesystem that can handle more than one gig per partition 
        (the last time i installed The Hurd it couldn't do more)
--getting a dial-up connection behind a private exchange
        [yeah, i know, that's not particularly related to the hurd - anyway]

and besides that - i'm open to suggestions of any kind
        [even just one to get out of the way]


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