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Re: MIG->Corba

From: Igor Khavkine
Subject: Re: MIG->Corba
Date: Thu, 8 Feb 2001 09:45:20 -0500
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On Thu, Feb 08, 2001 at 11:34:26AM +0200, Eray Ozkural (exa) wrote:
> Mridul Jain wrote:
> > 
> > hi,
> > As I was preparing to work on the topic - Corba
> > replacement for MIG ;
> Make sure it doesn't turn out to yield a Java level performance. ;)
> That standard called Corba was not tailored for microkernel
> message passing.
> I can notice the messages as they are being sent on this GNOME
> desktop. That would not make a good bet for a hurd server.

CORBA is only a source level standard. It is not restricted to IIOP
or any other message passing protocol, the so to say "backend"
can be changed according to need. For example regular IPC on the same
machine can be done through the Mach message passing facilities, like
MIG does now, however the same code that uses CORBA can easily
be adapted to use IIOP for remote machines by changing the "backend".

The details depend on the ORB (object request broker).


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