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Recycler's Exchange - FREE

From: 714lkj
Subject: Recycler's Exchange - FREE
Date: Tue, 13 Feb 2001 18:39:50


The Best Recycling Auction Experience Just Got Even BETTER!

Now, every auction at www.RecycleAuction.com, is -


That’s right! NO fee, We’re FREE! Effective immediately, the Internet’s most 
popular and powerful recycling site is now 
making it even easier for you to create successful auctions with us!

That’s because at www.RecycleAuction.com, we’re dropping all fees for every 
auction you post. That means - 


No fees of any kind to buyers or sellers -- guaranteed!

Plus, take advantage of 2 new features --

Open Access Auctions! Buyers can now directly contact Sellers. Buyers can 
obtain specific information with Sellers online, by 
phone or FAX. 
Get Samples Before You Buy! Buyers - - no more fears about big volume auctions. 
Contact Sellers directly for samples or 
pre-inspection before you buy!

All the site features that make your real time auction experience so easy at 
www.RecycleAuction.com ARE STILL AVAILABLE -

Fixed and Traditional auctions in over 12 categories and 75 sub-categories: 
Automotive, Clothing, Rubber, Plastics, Wood, 
Metals - we’ve got it all! 
Counter Bidding: Don’t like the starting price? Place a counter bid! 
Instant Auction Notification: Let us know what you’re looking for, and you will 
automatically receive email notification once 
auctions are created in the categories you choose. 
Low advertising rates: Click ADVERTISING INFORMATION on our Home page to post 
your ad. No artwork? No worries. We’ll create 
your ad for you!
FREE Unlimited Merchandise wanted ads, with automatic e-mail notification: 
Never a fee, totally free!
FREE Registration! Your confidential username and password allow you to buy or 
sell 24 hours a day at www.RecycleAuction.com! 

Never a Fee - - - We’re totally FREE!


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