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Bug#78011: storeio (in)activation (was: Re: CDROM lock)

From: Roland McGrath
Subject: Bug#78011: storeio (in)activation (was: Re: CDROM lock)
Date: Sun, 18 Feb 2001 18:50:30 -0500 (EST)

> Well, the patch below does just that, but it doesn't work. It seems that
> opening with STORE_INACTIVE is not supported. 

Ok.  Well, if the changes to storeio succeed in making that libstore calls
we think are right (and in particular deactivating the store when peropens
goes to zero on a close), then you can check those changes in before we
worry about how libstore should be fixed.  The count you added should be in
struct dev, not a global variable, and locked by the existing mutex there.
But other than that, it looks good so you can check it in with that cleanup.

I think I agree with you about the libstore changes.  But it is a decent
interim solution to just leave libstore as it is and change storeio as you
have.  Then the store gets activated when storeio first starts up, but is
properly deactivated after the first open+close.  

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