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Re: [RFC] hurd/hurd_types.defs

From: Thomas Bushnell, BSG
Subject: Re: [RFC] hurd/hurd_types.defs
Date: 01 May 2001 13:52:43 -0700
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Neal H Walfield <neal@cs.uml.edu> writes:

> I find it incredibly disturbing that hurd/hurd_types.defs defines off_t
> and size_t to a type int.  What bothers me even more is that MiG does
> not define a type long.  What is the correct approach to fix this?

Lol.  We can't. :)

A MiG int is 32 bits, always and everywhere, on every single
implementation, no matter what the native format is.  This is
absolutely necessary to achieve network transparency.

At some point we may well want a longer off_t.  (Though not
necessarily; we could just as easily change the interfaces to take two
ints instead of one.)  But remember here that MiG definitions are
establish network interfaces, with fixed bit widths, and not merely
local machine things.

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