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Re: Time for Hurd hacking...

From: Maurizio Boriani
Subject: Re: Time for Hurd hacking...
Date: Wed, 13 Jun 2001 06:04:44 -0400
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-- On Tue, 12 Jun 2001 15:33:35 -0400 (EDT) Roland McGrath roland@gnu.org wrote 
> For any hacker with a clue, a couple of weeks ought to be more than enough
> time to make rpctrace sing and dance.  We have now numerous novice hackers
> who claim to want to work on it, but nothing has come out of it.  I think
> you have more than enough Hurd experience to decide what kinds of output
> formats and options are useful, as well as to implement them.  It's a
> project I'd find dull, though.

        excuse me if I reply here but I've no access to hurd-devel.
I'm working on this (rpctrace improvement) and I'm near to finish it, but in 
this day I had a couple of problems:
        * home computer broken
        * no much time on work for hurd development.

So I ask you some times (about a week) in order to finish first improvemente 
(translations from integer rpcnames to characters). Please, I'd like very much 
to end this thing, I like it becouse I'm very interested to rpc messages and 
them trace. Can I? If there is a very hurry to have this improvement (or you 
think I'm unable doing it) and another want do it, just tell me and I'll stop 
development, It is not a good thing do a work twice at same time.


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