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Re: Annoying free inode warnings

From: Igor Khavkine
Subject: Re: Annoying free inode warnings
Date: Wed, 20 Jun 2001 19:00:08 -0400
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On Wed, Jun 20, 2001 at 06:45:39PM -0500, Neal H Walfield wrote:
> > I don't think the danger (or lack thereof) presented by these warnings
> > is being dsiputed. It is simply very annoying. I have a patition
> > for development that I use both in linux and Hurd.
> I think it was; Roland mentioned this earlier.

I won't argue with experts but in my experience they are harmless.

> > And when I run
> > a build from that partition while in Hurd, an inane amount of these
> > warnings floods the screen rendering it impossible to use even in
> > another terminal provided by `screen'.
> It writes directly to the console and screen never sees it (try
> refreshing the console ^L).

That works quite well, except that ext2fs is much more efficient
at outputing those warnings than I am at pressing ^L to refresh
the screen. :-)


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