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Re: continuing documentation

From: Maurizio Boriani
Subject: Re: continuing documentation
Date: Thu, 21 Jun 2001 10:11:10 -0400
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-- On 18 Jun 2001 10:34:48 -0600 Gordon Matzigkeit wrote --

> I looked at automatic tools for doing this kind of thing, but they all
> failed to provide ways of working around text in the generated output.
> I wouldn't want to put all the text into the header files.
> My latest direction has been to have a little tool that would scan the
> headers for functions that aren't documented in the manual.  It would
> also provide convenient ways of moving the manual description to the
> header files, and vice versa.

        I think this is a good idea, but I could be usefull a tool which can 
parse some code comment and put out docs about code and relations btw different 
source file. The output could be html or sgml (which can be translater in 
different format easly). A similar thing I saw in jdk java documentor which put 
out html cource about code (mainly classes). Could this be a good idea? What do 
you think?


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