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Litoo's newsletter (October 2001)

From: Saint-Remi Group, International Bookseller Publisher
Subject: Litoo's newsletter (October 2001)
Date: Sat, 06 Oct 2001 00:46:33 +0200

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cafe.gif (6840 octets)Litoo Newsletter
(october 2001)
NB: Please comme back later if you can't connect because the number of simultaneous connections is limited.
(Si vous souhaitez recevoir notre lettre en français, voyez notre page réservée à notre lettre d'information.)
Our new releases
devot.gif (12957 octets)On this begining of october, one of the two months dedicated to Holy Mary, queen of the army, our company celebrates its Saint that it has choosen for several reasons but particularly because of the goal he had to assume in the fundation of the franc empire whose influence has been decisive through Europe and the whole world.


This is The Faith This is The FaithMore details
Francis J. RIPLEY | Doctrine (Catechism)

THIS IS THE FAITH is regarded as a standard text book of instruction on th teaching of the Catholic Church. It is widely used by priests, teachers, students and enquirers. The American edition alone has sold over 150 000 copies. By the favour of God, THIS IS THE FAITH, has been instrumental all over the English-speaking world in leading many people into the one, true Church. It is the official text book in many colleges, including several for the training of teachers.

Price Coupe de coeur: 16,77
ISBN : 2-84519-156-1

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curieux.gif (23361 octets)Litoo advises you with censorship.
According to studies done on internet traffic, we understand the fear that can have families. Indeed 80% of the traffic is for the beast. Beside we do encourage you to censorship by installing this free software: http://www.we-bloker.com. It allows you to forbid bad sites or to allow only sites you want. It delivers a log file in which you can follow all the sites you or your children have visited on you computer or your network. This is a clear guarantee.

New on our web site !
Just a little window where a random title can been seen. This just to help you discover our Bookstore
Our Grapahic Arts Corporation

garcon.gif (15940 octets)In order to extend our activity and to be able to cover the whole market of Graphic Arts, Saint-Remi Group is developping a new corporation dedicated to the market of Graphic Arts.
A web site http://www.pressoo.com , a subscription to the first european marketplace in Graphic Arts and a dedicated network in the printing industry will insure a great development of our Group.
You can yet ask our network for your needs in Graphic Arts. If you know some buyers in great companies or you nead a commercial leaflet or something else, please let it know, we will give you an estimation.
Two places on the top of our pages must allow you to imput marketing banners to increase your fame and audience. See our page concerning partnership for the fares and technical issues.

You can also participate to Litoo by contributing to our catalog. See our explanations on our dedicated page.
Buy on-line

Our payment system is fully integrated and totally working !
A package of services helps you to order on-line. 
These services are:
  • A system to identify yourself that will recognize you each time you come on our website so that you will have to give your coordinates just once for all your orders. On the second time and the others, thanks to special cookies, we will recognize you. You can modify your coordinates at any time.
  • ClientWe do send our products all over the world thanks to an exhaustive list of all the world countries. A lot of tests has been done in the whole process to avoid any misorder. The taxes and shipping costs are calculted automatically.
  • You can now send a book to a third person.
  • Each order can be estimated on-line before your payment.
  • The complete billing of your order with its charcteristics (recommanded, priority, ...) and all the transaction references from the bank in case of disagreement. This billing will be visible on the screen and you will receive a mail for it.
  • The order made with a credit card is all the most securised thanks to the SET protocol which follows the international rules for internet banking. These operations are made by an automatic dialogue from server to server that avoid anyy mistake during the order process.
  • An estimation for the check payment is disponible on your screen. That allows you to print it and send it with your check.
  • Finally we keep the details of your order in our tables and by mail.
How to help us
You are journalist, manager of a magazine, radio, television; you organise with Litoo some articles and emissions about our books and works. Litoo 's managers will be pleased to answer your propositions.

You know a bookshop or a bookstore and they don't have even one of our books. Tell them just to contact us to solve this little mistaken.

Our activity of Bookseller and publisher allows us either to publish our own books, either to sell  the books of other publishers. Please ask for a cost estimation. We do precise that the language of the book is not a problem for us.

For 15 EUR per year, you will have a 5% discount. See our page on subscription.

To help us investing, any donation is welcome.

For webmasters, see our page for downloads. A banner is disponible to put a link on your page.

To help us in the diffusion of this letter, tell your friends to subscribe. (go to our special page for our newsletter)

If you wish to receive our paper catalog sorted by title or by author or by category, just send a mail to us.


Tel/Fax: 0556767480

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