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Bug#46709: (no subject)

From: Roland McGrath
Subject: Bug#46709: (no subject)
Date: Sun, 7 Oct 2001 15:32:15 -0400 (EDT)

The 0xff byte after the bitmap is a terminator byte, check your Intel book
vol 1, section 9.5.2.  So that, at least, is not the bug you thought it
was.  Note that that extra byte is included in the calculation for the
segment descriptor limit (which is a limit, not a size, so it always has -1).

Your fix is ok, though I would use memset (not that it matters for a
boot-time only thing).  

According to my Intel book, the other solution is to have no io bitmap
space at all: missing bits are treated as disallowed if the bitmap is
shorter than 64k, down to 0.  So just changing the limit in the
fill_gdt_descriptor call to sizeof(ktss)-1 should do it too.  
If that solution works, it seems preferable off hand.
(That is what you get from oskit's base_tss, which oskit-mach uses.)

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