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Re: parted 1.5.4 crashes gnumach

From: Neal H Walfield
Subject: Re: parted 1.5.4 crashes gnumach
Date: Fri, 12 Oct 2001 21:28:24 +0200
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>> Finally,
>> could you give a more detailed explanation of what crashing GNU Mach
>> means: are you brought to ddb, are any errors sent to the console?
> The error is different each time, the crash itself spurious.  I am quite
> certain that random data in the kernel address space is corrupted.  The
> symptoms are page faults, assertion failures and hangs in appearingly random
> places (schedular, virtual memory handler, etc).

This could be the kernel, however, I am still a bit suspicious of Parted.

>> Parted only uses the store interface; nothing terribly special.
> Seems that there is an access pattern that makes GNU Mach run wild.
> I forgot if I mentioned this in my other mail: OSKit Mach doesn't
> crash.

Ah, well, then I would not doubt that it is Mach.  I guess we now have
Yet Another Nice Way to Crash GNU Mach.

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