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Re: PowerPC port

From: Peter Bruin
Subject: Re: PowerPC port
Date: Sun, 28 Oct 2001 23:36:47 +0200


I didn't know my mailer did that (I have to use Mac OS for e-mail, because
my modem isn't supported by Linux). I have put my files on the web,


>On Sat, Oct 27, 2001 at 09:09:15PM +0200, Peter Bruin wrote:
>> Hi,
>> I'm sorry I didn't post my changes earlier, but I was trying to get glibc
>> 2.2.4 to work and make patches for that. Here are my changes for glibc;
>> I'll post my changes to the Hurd as soon as possible,
>can you repost them in a sane format, like ASCII or uuencoded?
>The Debian macutils package has a hexbin/binhex, but even when coverted
>there is still garbage.
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