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Re: slow access to files

From: Marcus Brinkmann
Subject: Re: slow access to files
Date: Tue, 6 Nov 2001 21:57:07 +0100
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On Tue, Nov 06, 2001 at 09:21:19PM +0100, Diego Roversi wrote:
> I see that storeio have a option "-e" that hide the device. I suppose that
> using this option cause ext2fs to go through the storeio translator. So in
> this case I can happily implement caching in storeio (even if we use more 
> CPU).


> Any suggestion? 

If you put it into libstore (not storeio), ext2fs without -e option to
storeio *and* storeio can benefit from it (if I understand it correctly).
So why not do that?


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