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Re: OS personalities for Linux

From: Neal H Walfield
Subject: Re: OS personalities for Linux
Date: Wed, 07 Nov 2001 21:43:14 +0100
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> What about it?  The Hurds don't know about each other.  There are no ports
> from the one Hurd accessible to the others (well, I should say almost no
> ports, but it's the user starting the sub-Hurd who eventually will be able
> to decide).  In particular, no privileges are leaked.

Well, boot is given a send right to the device master port.  Thus,
root in the subhurd can access any mach device.  Additionally, it is
possible to use the debugger and insert port rights into other
processes.  This should make sense as we are able to debug proc et al
from the parent Hurd, thus, the inverse is also possible.

> The Hurd can run in parallel to itself.  If it can run in parallel to other
> OSs depends if those OSs can run on Mach, and if you have a bootloader for 
> them
> that runs in the Hurd.

If I understood Farid correctly, he ran the Hurd beside Lites.

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