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This Morning's Investment Alert

From: SpecialSecurity1
Subject: This Morning's Investment Alert
Date: Wed, 28 Nov 2001 22:16:34 -1800

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Enternet Inc. (OTC BB: ETEN)

It's a different world now and America needs strong, young companies in aggressive growth positions. ETEN is one of these such companies.  Because of its cutting-edge software based internet-platform ETEN is poised to provide a solution to the Specialty Courts and legal authorities to have immediate access to all pertinent case file information.

Additional benefits of ETEN's solution include the future ability of Court Clerks, Prosecutors, Judges, Law Enforcement Agencies and all related parties to follow a pending court case from a remote location through ETEN's secured technology in "real-time".  


The Court Manager Software is an internet based solution and because of certain technologies all authorized users will benefit from automatic updates.  Gone is the need to send the users updates by email, CD or disk.  The Court Manager Software is an ASP, (application service provider) and allows all authorized users the same updates at once.


Additional companies such as Microsoft and IBM are in the process of utilizing the ASP technology.  ETEN's Court Manager is the first in this industry to implement this technology.

The Court Manager Software Suite consists of nine Court segments that currently have a combined expense exceeding $1 Billion dollars per year .  ETEN hopes to capture a substantial percentage of this market share. 

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Recent News:

EnterNet Inc. -- Management Team and Advisory Board Being Assembled
11/26/2001 09:19 [BusinessWire, 579 words]

EnterNet Inc. -- Agreement to Purchase Court Management Systems That Provide Internet ASP Administrative Solutions to Drug and Other Specialty Courts in the United States
11/19/2001 11:44 [BusinessWire, 608 words


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