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ld.so / ld.so.1 in libio build of glibc

From: Jeff Bailey
Subject: ld.so / ld.so.1 in libio build of glibc
Date: Thu, 6 Dec 2001 23:12:08 -0800
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Heya, I'm playing with my libio built glibc.  I'm trying to work in a
chroot jail for testing (subhurd not really working, I think I just
need a tutor this weekend on IRC to help me step through it).

What I noticed is that my testing started to go alot smooter when I
setup a /lib/ld.so -> /lib/ld.so.1 symlink.  This symlink exists on my
regular Debian Hurd install.

Should this be required?  If yes, should glibc build it automatically
as part of ``make install''?

I hope this makes sense, since I'm quite tired it may not.  I just
don't want to forget where I go to.

I'll post a more general status update on this during the weekend

Jeff Bailey

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`That's what you said last time we met' said Arthur.
`They were,' said Slartibartfast.
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