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To : address@hidden, China Financial Guide 2002

From: China Guide
Subject: To : address@hidden, China Financial Guide 2002
Date: Fri, 7 Dec 2001 20:01:29 +0800

China Financial Guide 2002 has been published!

We are glad to inform that we have published "China Financial Guide 2002", 
which lists down all financial institutions (local and foreign) operating in 

China has emerged as the most important market in Asia. The attractiveness of 
China market is further enhanced with China joining the World Trade 
Organization.  No organization can afford to ignore this important market in 
Asia. The vast and untapped China economy provides the best business 
opportunity and growth engine for your organization.

China Financial Guide 2002 gives you the timely and comprehensive directory 
containing a complete listing of all the local and foreign financial 
institutions in China. This directory is the key reference guide for both 
financial and non-financial organizations worldwide that are interested in 
capturing market shares in China. Organizations, government authorities, 
financial institutions, multinational companies or any companies that are 
interested in China will find this guide useful.

Whether your organization is searching for local financial partners for tie-up 
or locating the nearest financial institutions in China for your financing 
needs, this directory is a must that provides you with all the relevant 

Who needs this directory:

Financial Institutions
Key master and reference guide for all your important financial contacts in 
China. Search for the right local partners in the financial industry. Know who 
and where other market players have established operations in China.

Government / International Bodies
Must have directory to guide all your governmental missions and business 
related assignments.

Relevant information for all your members to assist their business development 
efforts in China

Multinational Companies
Important contacts and decision makers for marketing your products and 
services. Key contacts for your financial requirements in China.

Libraries / Embassies
Key reference materials for users, members and for general enquiries.

Exporters, Traders and Manufacturing Companies
Assist your company to sell to potential buyers in the financial industry in 
China. Key contacts for your financial requirements in China.

Features of China Financial Guide 2002:

1200 pages of handy and useful information.
1500 financial institutions.  More than 1500 financial institutions covered in 
the guide.
5000 key contacts.  More than 5000 decision makers in the financial industry in 

This bilingual directory consists of useful information on:

·       Addresses
·       Telephone numbers
·       Fax numbers
·       Email addresses
·       Website / URL
·       Key management personnel
·       Financial and other information

Of all (local and foreign) financial players in China namely:

·       Banks
·       Exchanges
·       Insurance Companies
·       Fund Management Companies
·       Trust and Securities Companies
·       Private Equity and Venture Capital Companies 

Book Specifications:

Title : China Financial Guide 2002, Directory of Local and Foreign Financial 
Institutions in China
ISBN : 981-04-4115-0
CIP/LC : HG3333, 332.102551-dc21, SLS2001026603
Edition : First Edition, 2002
Print Size : A5
Pages : 1,184 pages
Cover : Softcopy
Binding : Perfect String Binding

Selling Price [Total : USD138 per copy]

Selling price of the China Financial Guide 2002:
United States Dollar, USD98 per copy + USD40 per copy for global priority 
shipping and handling charges.
[Total: USD138 per copy]

Email Enquiry

Email : chinaguide@lycosasia.com


Delivery Address:_______________________
Postal Code:___________________________
Total Amount:__________________________

Each copy costs USD98 plus USD40 delivery charges (total USD138).  Please email 
us if your organization is keen to purchase a copy of this guide.

Many thanks and regards

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