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From: Mbeti Motumba
Date: Mon, 10 Dec 2001 21:01:25 -0800 (PST)


May I briefly introduce myself. I am Dr.Mbeti Motumba
of the Democratic Republic of Congo (formerly Zaire)
and the former aide de camp of the Late President
Laurent Kabila of blessed memory.

I am presently living in Nigeria on asylum. In case
you are wondering how I got your contact, I got your
contact from a source at the foreign trade office of
the Nigeria Chamber of commerce, trade and industry.

The events of the past one year in my country has been
very unfortunate. The Late President Kabila
successfully toppled the very corrupt government of
the Late Dictator Mobutu Sese Seko and ruled justly
and peacefully for a few months. Unfortunately, the
Tutsi from Goma, the Northern part of the country
rebelled against his government and since then my
country has been at war.

I am very dedicated and committed to winning the war
against the rebels until recently when to my shock I
found out that Senior Army Officers and Government
officials were stealing public funds and looting
government treasury and sending them to foreign
countries. They have exploited the war situation to
bring back the lawlessness and corruption of the
Mobutu days.

Afterthe late President Kabila was assassinated in
questionable circumstances, I knew I was in danger of
losing from both ends. Due to this development and as
a way of survival, I have joined the train. I have in
my possession funds amounting to US$15.5Million. In
the usual manner of conveying such funds, the money is
in defaced form in a trunk box for security reasons.
It is now in the safe custody of a security company.
The company is however not aware of the real contents
of the trunk box.

My problem is that the Financial Laws of Nigeria does
not give asylum seekers any financial rights. And
because of the economic instability and religious
crisis, I have decided that it will be unwise to
attempt investing the funds here. The climate here is
very unfavourable and as a result, I have not
disclosed even to my hosts anything about this fund.

Now I am seeking foreign assistance to transfer the
funds overseas. If you can assist, I am willing to
give you 20% of the funds, that is US$3.1Million. You
will understand that my entire life and future depend
on this money and I shall be very grateful if you can
assist me. The major thing I demand from you is the
absolute assurance that the money will be safe and you
will not sit on it when it is transfered to your

If you are ready to be of assistance, please contact
me immediately by e-mail, so that I can furnish you
with the modalities for the transaction and what is
expected of you. I shall be most grateful if you
maintain utmost confidentiality and keep this message
entirely to yourself.

Best Regards,


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