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Re: realtek 8029

From: Christian Mertes
Subject: Re: realtek 8029
Date: Sat, 29 Dec 2001 15:50:29 +0100

"mah" <mahshah@hotmail.com> wrote:

> i have a realtek 8029 card along with its linux drivers.
> according to instruction for installation 
> i untar-ed all the files
> then i issued a command 
> make config
> it flashes the error "no rule to make config"
> how can i fix this problem and install the card properly

There is no documentation, no INSTALL file? Well did you try other
make commands? Just "make" or "make install"? make config is usually
only for the Linux kernel, other software is installed with
"./configure", "make", "make install" and drivers are... special.
The problem at least doesn't seem in any way hurd-related. The
Makefile is just not meant to do a "make config".

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