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From: Jeff Bailey
Subject: oskit-mach
Date: Sat, 29 Dec 2001 19:08:20 -0800
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I have a system here that I want to run headless - I was thinking
since I don't need the console on it, it might be cool to run
oskit-mach on it.

Are there particular tests that I can run to assess stability (Like if
I compile glibc, download 10 megs of stuff, is that sufficient to show
that it will probably keep up with whatever I need?)  I'm not sure the
best way to give a kernel a good workout.

Jeff Bailey

`Patience' said Slartibartfast again. `Great things are afoot'.
`That's what you said last time we met' said Arthur.
`They were,' said Slartibartfast.
`Yes, that's true,' admitted Arthur.

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