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WSCH : A Revolutionary Acne Treatment and More SFLLMC

From: wsch7058
Subject: WSCH : A Revolutionary Acne Treatment and More SFLLMC
Date: Wed, 27 Feb 2002 04:41:07 -1800



1.The products and medical therapies developed by WSCH represent possibly the most important breakthrough in the field of Dermatology in the last fifty years.
2.WSCH anticipates FDA approval on seven over-the-counter products within the next year, which will provide significant revenue in the retail drug market.
3.WSCH has experienced a success rate of 90% during clinical studies, completely eliminating skin disease from 90% of all patients treated.
4.By year five, WSCH plans to have annualized revenue over $525 million and over $125 million in EBIT.  This does not take into account income from OTC products which will be substantial.



                                                                Over a five year period, AISC (WSCH's subsidiary) plans to establish 350 clinics in over 100 major population areas. The company plans to hire over 150 medical doctors for these clinics, train over 1,000 medical assistants and treat over 2,000,000 patients. Also by year five, WSCH plans to have annualized over $525 million in revenue and over $125 million in EBIT. This does not take into account income from OTC products which will be substantial.

As of 1991, there were approximately 14 million chronic acne and eczema patients annually in the United States, with the highest percentage between 18 to 44 years of age. The actual number of patients with any type of acne Is significantly higher. Seven billion dollars is spent annually on dermatological pharmaceutical products for these disorders.

In 1994, the teen population reached 25 million. During the next decade, it will grow at nearly twice the rate of the overall population (according to U.S. Census Bureau projections). Acne patients are primarily teenagers, whereas eczema patients range from infants to the elderly.

          SYMBOL:        WSCH
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       52 WEEK HIGH:       $27.50
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Wasatch Pharmaceutical, Inc. is a fourteen year old company with a record of outstanding achievements in the field of Dermatology. Dermatology. Under the name of its subsidiary, American Institute of Skin Care (AISC), Wasatch has operated two prototype clinics for the last five years where the products and medical therapies have been tested and proven on hundreds of patients. The Company's activities have been centered on research in the area of serious skin diseasesA concurrent discovery and benefit is WSCH's dramatic success in the area of skin rejuvenation.

Seeing the high growth potential from major funding, WSCH elected to become a public company less than two years ago.

Wasatch's major successes in the area of skin diseases include:

Cystic Acne, Eczema, Seborrhea, Contact Dermatitis, Molluscum, Folliculitis, Acne Rosacea and less prevalent skin diseases.
Interestingly, these skin disorders account for more than 70% of all business in the field of dermatology for which there are very few (if any) safe, effective therapies like those developed by Wasatch.
Because the therapies developed by Wasatch dominate this area of medicine, WSCH has elected to market its products via company-owned clinics throughout the United States. This decision has resulted in the establishment of two research clinics in Utah for the purpose of implementing procedures within the clinics pursuant to testing and confirming the results that were achieved in past clinical trials. Due to its success rate of 90% on hundreds of patients over a five year period, WSCH's clinics are now on line with insurance providers independent of HMOs. Efforts to establish Preferred Providership status with HMOs are presently being pursued.

Wasatch Pharmaceutical Inc. Announces a New Physician Marketing Campaign and Listing On German Stock Exchanges

MURRAY, Utah--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Nov. 27, 2001--Wasatch Pharmaceutical Inc. (OTCBB:WSCH - news) CEO Gary Heesch announced today a marketing campaign directed to physicians. A direct link has been established on a physician recruiting Web site making available therapies for the treatment of cystic acne, acne, folliculitis and skin rejuvenation. Physicians will find the benefits of these treatment therapies by logging on to the "X Acne" link at the Physician Search website. This physician search Web site typically receives over 200,000 hits per month. Mr. Heesch reminded, "Our treatment therapy products are also available via the AISC Online Store."

These skin treatment products come in kit form providing a 90-day supply to patients for the full treatment program. Included in the kit is an instructional video on the treatment therapy allowing the patient to use these products in their home. The therapies, when used as instructed, achieve a success rate of eradication in excess of 90% with no side effects of any consequence. Previously, these therapies and associated products were only available through the two prototype clinics in Utah. The availability of these products will open the way for family practitioners, pediatricians, internists and other primary care physicians to retain their patients under their care during the treatment of these common skin disorders. The benefit to insurance providers is the potential to save millions of dollars in reimbursement costs by freeing the physician and the patient from ongoing treatment.

In the coming year, six additional therapies will be made available for a broad range of skin disorders that are badly in need of successful therapies.

Gary Heesch also announced the listing of Wasatch Pharmaceutical stock on the Frankfurt and Berlin Exchanges in Germany. Active trading on these exchanges will take place upon the completion of a research report in Germany. Said Mr. Heesch, "We feel this is a significant event as Wasatch will gain wider exposure as a leader in dermatology and will put buying pressure on its stock to reflect the true value of a company that has committed years of research and development of products that allow people with serious skin disorders to live normal and more productive lives."

There may be forward-looking statements in this release. Investors are cautioned that such forward-looking statements involve risks and uncertainties, including, without limitation, continued acceptance of the Company's products, increased levels of competition, new products introduced by competitors, changes in the rates of subscriber acquisition and retention, and other risks detailed from time to time in the Company's periodic reports filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission.


Dermatologists are the primary competitors of WSCH's clinics. Dermatologists specialize in the treatment of skin disorders and prescribe medications to treat the disorder. However, competing products address the symptoms of acne and eczema, not the cause. 

The competition's skin care treatments include prescription medications (oral and external use drugs prescribed by dermatologists and other doctors) and over-the-counter products.

Several common prescription medications include: 

1) E-Mycin for oral and topical use, 2) Cleocin for oral and topical use, 3) Tetracycline for oral and topical use, and 4) Accutane for oral use only.

Over-the-counter acne medications include: 
1) Clearasil and Oxy creams, 2) generic brand creams, 3) medicated pads, and 4) medicated soaps.

Many of the competition's oral medications have serious side effects.

Costs for competing treatments range from $2.50 for medicated soaps to $200 for Accutane oral medication prescription. Treatments are on-going. Over time a person can spend an unlimited amount of money on such treatments. An example would be someone who spent $1,500 for a 22 week program of Accutane which includes blood testing. Another example would be someone who has had acne for many years and has spent in excess of $34,000.

At this time there is no known competitor who treats the causes of these skin disorders and no competitor can claim a success rate equal to that of Wasatch's treatments.


With a proven success rate of 90% in a field that affects so many of our lives, Wasatch has clearly positioned itself in a market hungry and desperate for successful products and treatment. WSCH has recently expanded its marketing presence (as seen in the above press release) and will continue to aggressively broaden awareness over the near term. The listing of WSCH on the German stock exchange is another sign of the company's credibility and ambitious plans to establish itself as a major global player in the field of dermatology.

 WSCH has taken on a completely different approach. By addressing the causes of skin disorders rather than the symptoms, WSCH will help to successfully eliminate skin disease altogether. Given the following:

1. Successful 14-year history and plans for expansion
2. Impressive revenue projections ($525 million+ annualized by year 5 and $125 million in EBIT)
3. Virtually unmatched success rate of 90%...

...and so much more, WSCH will certainly be watched by savvy investors for some time to come.

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