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Re: hostmux patch

From: Neal H Walfield
Subject: Re: hostmux patch
Date: 03 Mar 2002 20:43:46 -0500
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> Hey, 
>   Guess what?  It's time for my weekly patch ;)  This stuff is mostly
> out of the glibc manual ;)
> 2002-03-03  James A. Morrison  <ja2morri@uwaterloo.ca>
>        * mux.c (lookup_host): removed arbitrary limit on host name
>        size.

This is a good start.

Perhaps we should have a function in libshouldbeinlibc that does this.
ftpfs and ping also need to be fixed.

Consider using realloc instead of a free followed by a malloc.

Please conform more closely to the GNU coding standards.  For
instance, you cast too much (no need to cast the return result of
malloc; in fact it is wrong), parentheses are wrong, some indentation
and spacing also look incorrect.

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