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Re: A job for a lazy afternoon: oskit-mach and -Wall

From: Roland McGrath
Subject: Re: A job for a lazy afternoon: oskit-mach and -Wall
Date: Mon, 4 Mar 2002 15:22:23 -0500 (EST)

> A lot of warnings are caused by constructs within oskit-20010214
> headers, such as
>     o multi-line string literals (in about 8 files):
>     o lines containg strings behind #e{lse,ndif} directives (some
>       dozen header files)

Thse are things that gcc 3.x started warning about and older compilers did not.

> So oskit itself will probably have to be modified. 

Please send fixes for oskit files to the oskit-users@cs.utah.edu list.

> Or would it be wise to copy these parts of oskit (header files within
> oskit-20010214/oskit and sources for crtn.o, dos.o, multiboot.o) at some
> place within oskit-mach to get it independent of oskit?

Absolutely not.  

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