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oskit-mach: -Wall

From: Michael Teichgraeber
Subject: oskit-mach: -Wall
Date: 05 Mar 2002 04:22:19 +0100
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besides the `multi-line'-warnings caused by some oskit headers there
are still (in my oskit-mach copy) 271 warnings about implicit
declarations of functions

and 109 warnings with different messages
  http://www.stud.fernuni-hagen.de/q5631297/hurd/other_warnings .

The next file shows on a per-function basis, where functions are
implicitely used, where they are implemented and whether there already
is a header containing them:

Some functions within e.g. vm_map.c are marked as for `internal use
only', but nevertheless are used implicitely by some oskit/ds_*.c or
other vm/vm_* files, and there is no header defining them. How should
one handle these cases?

And, some variables (like X in device/net_io.c) `might be used
uninitialized'. They are mostly register `int's set to 0 in case of
`#if lint', but unset normally. This may have reasons concerning
speed. Can we be sure, that gcc sets them to zero or should they get


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