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Re: core file writing

From: Roland McGrath
Subject: Re: core file writing
Date: Wed, 6 Mar 2002 20:53:10 -0500 (EST)

The proc server is not really much involved.  You need to understand the
structure of the system and what Mach tasks and threads are about in some
detail before attempting to work on this.

Certainly writing an ELF core file is the right thing to do.  How to store
the memory is clear, and that part of the file format is just the same as
for Linux and other systems that use ELF core files.  You can look at the
`vminfo' program (utils/vminfo.c) to see how to use vm_region to examine
the address space of a task, and then you use vm_read to get the data.

The rest of the information about register state and so on is a little less
clear.  How we will store it is clear: in ELF notes as other systems do.
But how many notes and what formats to use for them is up to us.  We need
to choose those note formats, and modify gdb to understand them.  Mark
Kettenis is the authority in the Hurd native gdb port, and I will tend to
defer to him on what these formats should be.

I suggest that you start out by just doing the memory dump and not worrying
about the rest at all (no notes).  Rather than hacking on the crash server
directly, it will be easiest to debug this in a little standalone program
that just uses pid2task to get the task port of a process, suspends it, and
dumps its memory as an ELF core file (i.e. a minimal "gcore").  I might get
around to whipping up the basic memory-dumping code soon, and then you
could see how it's done and debug the code for me.

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