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Research Network Job Site

From: ResearchNetwork.com
Subject: Research Network Job Site
Date: 8 Mar 2002 03:09:29 -0000

Expand Your Universe on the Research Network.  

Research Network is a job site devoted exclusively to professional Researchers 
and companies who need Researchers.  It doesn't matter what industry you 
specialize in.  Research Network encompasses a broad spectrum of industries and 
we continue to add more every day.  For a comprehensive list of industries we 
work in like Pharmaceutical Research, Marketing Research, Clinical Research, 
Financial Research, Health Care Research, (to name a few), log on to 
http://www.researchnetwork.com and discover the infinite 

If your an Employer, stop wasting your valuable time by posting your jobs on 
generalized job sites that inundate you with inappropriate candidates.  If your 
looking for Scientists, Project Managers, Analysts, Statisticians, Clinical 
Researchers, Engineers, Planners, Developers, Upper Level Management within a 
Research function, (to name a few), go to the source and get your research job 
posting in front of over 1/2 million researchers on our Network.  Click on the 
link below to find the exact research talent you need.


If your a professional Researcher and wish to be considered for positions by 
employers on our network, click on the link below to join the network.  


Expand Your Universe

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