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You Won Our $25 Top Sponsor Ad!

From: MD Marketing & Design
Subject: You Won Our $25 Top Sponsor Ad!
Date: Mon, 11 Mar 2002 20:31:46 UT

Congratulation You Win Our $25 Ad!!
Very Important:

To Place Your Ad Send a Blank Mail To:

The Name of our eZine is:

Marketing & Design

and we confirm we will place Your Ad in the next available issue. With in the next 21 days.

Please remember to look out for your Ad.


You must still be subscribed at the time of your AD RUN for your ad to appear! Email bounces from bad addresses or full mailboxes will be automatically unsubscribed and their ads deleted. Use of autoresponders for subscribed email address is prohibited. We reserve the right to unsubscribe members at anytime.


Helmut Renner

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