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Re: console stuff (was: Re: argp limitation

From: Thomas Bushnell, BSG
Subject: Re: console stuff (was: Re: argp limitation
Date: 11 Mar 2002 20:59:29 -0800
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Roland McGrath <roland@gnu.org> writes:

> > And then the way to change that dynamically is to, well, do a setopts
> > call.
> > 
> > If there is some error and it can't read the file, then it returns an
> > error and leaves the previous keymap in place.
> That seem utterly unacceptable to me based on the principles I described.
> Since you haven't responded to my rationale, I'm going to ignore your remark.

An alternative strategy (for the dynamic case) is to have the client
hand a port for the file to the console server, which can then read
from it exactly as if it were a file (which it normally will be).

In the passive translator case, it's perfectly fine for it to read
from the filesystem, right?

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