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httpfs translator

From: arun v
Subject: httpfs translator
Date: Tue, 19 Mar 2002 23:14:48 -0800 (PST)


I have tried to develop the httpfs translator for
Attaching herewith the code for the same.
I am beginner to Hurd donno to what extent it rises to
the expectation of Hurd Geeks.

It has a dependency on libxml2 library.
the libxml2 library is used for parsing the HTML
stream to get anchor tags and obtain file and
directories stored in the web server.

BTW i haven't decided on how to get the size of files
in web server.
http rfc enumerates 4 or 5 methods for finding content
length, but still undecided on how to get them

it works like this:

hurd~# settrans -a tmp/ /hurd/httpfs

hurd~/tmp# cd tmp/

hurd~/tmp# ls -l

hurd~/tmp# cp -- can be used to down load....

The translator node can be made a file or directory
the --mode option of httpfs will set that. The default
is to a directory.

BTW lynx, tar etc are not working properly on this
file system, its the same case for ftpfs also...i
think its because the reading is done in chunks by
multiple calls to netfs_attempt_read() which is not
supported by tar lynx etc. Can it be fixed?

If set to a file it will support only file system read

BTW, if its good enough ;) can it be put in the hurd
cvs repository??


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