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Re: run.c translator

From: Thomas Bushnell, BSG
Subject: Re: run.c translator
Date: 20 Mar 2002 22:05:32 -0800
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Marcus Brinkmann <marcus@gnu.org> writes:

> It's the canonical file interface.  I mean, T is a translator on a node,
> A opens the node with O_RDWR and starts to write to it and read from it.
> Now when it has nothing more to write, I would like to signal the
> translator about it, so it can close its pipe to the program P and let
> A read out the remaining stuff.
> It is not a pipe in the sense that it doesn't use the pflocal server or
> uses any of the "pipe"ly stuff.  But the translator advertises that it
> is a pipe/fifo in the stat flags, and the above usage of the "file" 
> is pretty much how you use a bidirectional pipe (one filedescriptor,
> two directions).  

I think it would be clearest to have A open it twice, one for reading,
and one for writing.

Anyway, if you keep it as it is now (and that has to work for an A
which opens with O_RDWR anyhow), and you are advertising T as a named
pipe, then it must look like a named pipe, which is to say, you should
get something that understands the socket protocol.

In which case, A can reliably assume that shutdown wil work.

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