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Re: Linux style /proc filesystem translator

From: Jon Arney
Subject: Re: Linux style /proc filesystem translator
Date: Thu, 21 Mar 2002 23:05:21 -0700


Thanks for the links.  One of the difficult things about coming up to
speed on the Hurd is that there are so many different websites with
lots of (sometimes conflicting) information.  I didn't know that a
/proc filesystem already existed, but I did look for one.  If I had
known, I might have started from that as a base rather than doing
it from scratch.  The Debian/Hurd site said that "procps" would not
be ported because there was no /proc filesystem and that someone
may in the future might create one.

One question I had was about your list of planned changes.  On there,
you list "Posix shared memory".  Is anybody working on this?  If not,
I'd like to make an attempt at it (I have already started working on
some of it).  If there's already a project partially completed, that
would be better than starting from scratch.  I can't seem to get
my Gimp to work because it lacks shmget/shmat/etc.



James Morrison wrote:
>  Personal Plug:  I have collected on my website all the translators I know of.
> I'll the new procfs and httpfs this weekend.  see hurd.dyndns.org
>  Once reason I was able to keep my hurd box up for 7 weeks was that I used
> neal's proc filesystem which continued to work even after I couldn't use ps 
> -a.
> I don't know why I couldn't use ps -a, but I couldn't.
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