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two bugs in libio environment

From: Marcus Brinkmann
Subject: two bugs in libio environment
Date: Sun, 24 Mar 2002 23:04:46 -0500
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I have stressted the libioenvironment a bit today.  As this is a fresh
build, there might still be issues that can be contributed to build
weirdness, but it seems unlikely to me.

Sometimes creating a file fails with ENOPERM for no apparent reason.
This is not reproducible, trying again creates the file just fine.
(For example, gcc fails to create a tmp file, or install can not install
a file).  Can there be a race between io authentication and creating
files?  I think it is only for newly creating files, but I am not sure.
This happens quite often, about once an hour or more often.

The second bug that does not happen as often is that a program hangs
without outputting anything (well, I am not sure _which_ program hangs,
so it might also be in the middle of output, but only at the start of a
new line).  This seems to be more like something that can be introduced
by the libio change, as this has to do with buffered output.
This has happened to me twice today.  Terminal echo still worked, and
interrupting the program and then restarting helped.

I have no full environment yet, so this is nothing I can debug right now
(we first need a debugger :)  But I am interested if Jeff is seeing this
as well, and if Roland can make some guesses to what the nature is of
such bugs.  And maybe Thomas wants to stare at some code ;)


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