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Re: Recent checkins

From: Thomas Bushnell, BSG
Subject: Re: Recent checkins
Date: 08 May 2002 15:09:45 -0700
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Jeff Bailey <jbailey@nisa.net> writes:

> On Wed, May 08, 2002 at 03:02:25PM -0700, Thomas Bushnell, BSG wrote:
> > MiG interfaces must be the *SAME* bit widths on all platforms.  That
> > is, a MiG integer_t is 32 bits and must be 32 bits on *every*
> > architecture.
> Are we free to consider renaming these types to their C99 equivalents?
> (like uint32_t and others from stdint.h)

Sure, that's fine.  I'm not concerned with interface, but with the
importance of keeping the "on the wire" protocols the same.  (The
point being to preserve network transparency.)

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