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Re: saved IDs and exec (standard violation?)

From: Roland McGrath
Subject: Re: saved IDs and exec (standard violation?)
Date: Sat, 11 May 2002 17:07:09 -0400 (EDT)

Yes, that seems to be a bona fide bug based on a misreading of the
standard.  The language is not really all that clear, but the behavior of
other systems is consistent so we can tell how to read it.  That is,
svuid=euid and svgid=egid are done *on every exec*, not just on s[ugi]id ones.

This is unfortunate for the Hurd, because as things are defined now it
would require some additional RPCs to the auth server for every exec.  This
has several issues.  First, it's just more RPCs to slow the exec down.  For
a non-secure exec, the filesystem really doesn't care if the auth port
passed in file_exec is totally bogus.  So you have to treat this
differently, especially for things like fakeauth to have a hope of working.

The common case is that no IDs need to change because euid==svuid and
egid==svgid already, so you would like to avoid the whole mess for that.
But as things are specified now, there is no way to know that without doing
an auth_getids RPC on the auth port.  The only thing I see is to presume
that the authentication of the file port being used for file_exec matches
the auth port in question, and so the filesystem can just examine its own
record to check whether anything needs to be done.  That would be a new
assumption in the semantics of file_exec now, but it's an assumption that's
true for all existing uses of file_exec AFAIK.  We could add a new EXEC_*
flag bit to assert this is ok, which execve et al would use.  (The meaning
of this flag being that if the receiving protid has svuid==euid and
svgid==egid then the auth port doesn't need to be modified for a non-sugid

I think the first thing to do, regardless of all else, is to change the
fshelp_exec_reauth interface so that the entire question can be resolved in
that function.  I propose to change netfs and diskfs so they call
fshelp_exec_reauth for every exec, not just sugid ones.  I also want to
replace the callback function by just passing the iouser; that is all
that's needed to replace the existing two (identical) callback functions
used by netfs/diskfs, and gives the necessary information for the plan I
described above.  I'm inclined to make this change now just because it
reduces some code duplication and simplifies some unnecessary hair,
without necessarily changing the behavior at all.

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