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Re: [Patch #306] idvec_merge_implied_gids does not merge in secondary ID

From: Marcus Brinkmann
Subject: Re: [Patch #306] idvec_merge_implied_gids does not merge in secondary IDs
Date: Sun, 12 May 2002 02:33:54 +0200
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so this is how it looks if somebody submits a patch to the Savannah project. 
I have set it up so that it sends one such notification for each patch to
this list, and for each support request one similar notification to help-hurd.

I have not enabled that notifications are sent for each update to each patch
or support request.  But I think until we make it a habit to actually
monitor the Savannah web pages, we should better stay informed about what
people enter there.

I am now going to commit a dozen or so patches by Neal from last year that
are not resolved.


On Sat, May 11, 2002 at 08:24:37PM -0400, nobody@gnu.org wrote:
> Patch #306 has been updated. 
> Project: 
> Category: libshouldbeinlibc
> Status: Open
> Summary: idvec_merge_implied_gids does not merge in secondary IDs
> -------------------------------------------------------
> For more info, visit:
> http://savannah.gnu.org/patch/?func=detailpatch&patch_id=306&group_id=30

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