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Paperless publishing is here and now

From: Free Trial
Subject: Paperless publishing is here and now
Date: Sat, 11 May 0102 21:12:55 +0500

Digital books are a cost-effective and time efficient way to attract new business, strengthen customer relationships, generate revenue and extend the overall lifetime value of your customers!

Digital Page Author is easy to learn yet enables you to create page-turning digital books that you can send via the internet, store on web-sites, send on floppy or a cd-rom, complete with active web and email links. Slide like presentations can also be created. View samples to discover how companies are already using this revolutionary tool!

Digital Page Author enables companies and individuals to produce their own professional looking catalogues, brochures, invitations and more -- in-house --without the associated costs of an outside design and/or print shop.

Due to their relatively small file size, digital books created with Digital Page Author can be sent via email or quickly downloaded onto a PC. In minutes a business can create its own virtual catalogue in a format any Windows PC can view, while ensuring the content cannot be copied by the viewer.

The Digital Web Book format presents several opportunities, none more important than the incredible pass-on ratio of each brochure/publication.

Digital Web Books are extremely small in file size, present a familiar navigation system and can be used to attract new members.

Why are people attracted to Digital Web Books? It's the look and feel of a traditional brochure that captures the imagination of the end user. There are several page transitions but the 3D page-turns stand out.

Possible Uses
Catalogues - Flyers - Brochures - Annual Reports - Photo Albums - Newsletters - Media Kits - Work Portfolios - Corporate Presentations - Manuals - Books - Magazines - Novels Newspapers - Sales Presentations - Marketing Collateral - Intranet Publications - Restaurant Menus - Educational Materials - Reference Materials - Email promotions - Corporate / Product Profiles - Guides - Reports - Briefs - Directories - and much, much more

Digital Page Author Features
Produce digital 3D page-turning catalogues, manuals, photo albums, etc.
A universally understood format.
WSIWYG page creation and editing.
Cut and paste feature, internal image manipulator, hotlink to pages, web sites, email and even other files.
Set auto page turn for trade show or in-store presentations.
Digital Web Book file sizes are small and easily distributed by email, download or on floppy/CD.
No browser required, no downloading of software or plug-ins.
Pages fit your desktop screen, no scrolling required. Specify one of 6 page transitions - fly, turn, wipe, slide. Printable pages.
Suitable for all Windows-based PC's, but currently. non-Mac compatible.

Fast to learn and easy to use, the Net Book Author interface is designed with the average PC user in mind.

Saves printing and distribution costs associated with print media.
No scrolling as view each page within PC screen, turns pages like a real Book.
Easy to distribute - via the Web, email, floppy or CD- ROM.
outstanding tool for marketing as it can be passed on easily by email.
Recipients of the Book can store, view, interact with its content off-line.
Drives traffic to your web site.
Encourages customer loyalty, repeat purchases.
Ideal custom publishing solution.
Permanent information is read-only.

System and Software Requirements
Windows 95, 98, ME, NT 4.0, 2000, XP
Currently Non Mac Compatable
Hardware Requirements (minimum recommended)
300 MHz processor or faster
8 MB Video Graphics Adapter
20 MB free disk space

Other Requirements
Internet connection for product registration

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