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Litoo's newsletter

From: Saint-Remi Group, International Bookseller Publisher
Subject: Litoo's newsletter
Date: Sat, 01 Jun 2002 18:17:54 +0200

sacrecoeur.gif (4700 octets)Litoo's letter
(June, 2002)

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(Si vous souhaitez recevoir notre lettre en français, voyez notre page réservée à notre lettre d'information.)
New releases
No new release in english this month. Therefore, we advise you to go and have a look to our french letter on http://www.litoo.com/lettre/france/lettrelitoo200206.htm
bateau5.gif (12309 octets)Wishing to develop us abroad where we already have several contacts in the French-speaking and the English-speaking world, our commercial management was the object of a light reorganization to take into account the euroland and  the laws on exportation. We remind our foreign friends that the lowest shipping cost for a shipping by air mail or by boat is that of the cubic meter ( 260 Euros). Just have a look to our page at http://www.litoo.com/anglais/librairie.asp

pirate.gif (11283 octets)We grant important discounts for booksellers, these being able to increase according to the volume.
Please , take advantage of the basket which offers you Litoo to increase your brilliance.

Several catalogs  are available on the following address: http://www.litoo.com/anglais/tele.asp
If you wish a more specific catalog, we can make it for you. Please, ask for it.

Translation in Italian, Portugese, ...
ver.gif (10898 octets)We look for translators for the translation of our web site in Italian, Portugese, .... The translation will give you right to a payment in books for an amount about 500 EUR. This work is very well paid according to the power of the on-line translators proposed  on http://www.softissimo.com It is more a second reading than a real translation.
Write us at  info@litoo.com; if you are interested. It is a home work..
Be our camelots
You are journalist, manager of a magazine, radio, television; you organise with Litoo some articles and emissions about our books and works. Litoo 's managers will be pleased to answer your propositions.

You know a bookshop or a bookstore and they don't have even one of our books. Tell them just to contact us to solve this little mistaken.

monkey13.gif (15346 octets)Our activity of Bookseller and publisher allows us either to publish our own books, either to sell  the books of other publishers. Please ask for a cost estimation. We do precise that the language of the book is not a problem for us.

For webmasters, see our page for downloads. A banner is disponible to put a link on your page.
monkey14.gif (21962 octets)
To help us in the diffusion of this letter, tell your friends to subscribe. (go to our special page for our newsletter)

Download our catalog from our web.
If you wish to receive our paper catalog sorted by title or by author or by category, just send a mail to us.

© Group Saint-Remi SARL of a 10066 Euros capital n° Siren: 440397347
Litoo.com International Bokkseller-Publisher
BP 79 33410 Cadillac FRANCE
Tel / Fax: 0556767480

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