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Re: new console server code checked in

From: Niels Möller
Subject: Re: new console server code checked in
Date: 05 Jun 2002 18:17:53 +0200
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neal@cs.uml.edu (Neal H. Walfield) writes:

> > I'd *really* want to see a flag to mmap that means "If the file
> > shrinks, just map in some zero pages instead. Don't ever SEGFAULT me
> > about it".
> You could just set up a preemptor to catch these type of faults.  This
> is what the file system's do.  Take a look at <hurd/sigpreempt.h>.

That looks interesting. Then one would have to setup a preemptor while
calling any code that might read the mmaped data.

I still think it would be more convenient to have mmap set up a
preemptor for me, that will live for the duration of the mapping, but
perhaps it's easy to write an alternative safe_mmap function that does


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