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gnu-20020523.tar.gz problems creating device-nodes

From: Ulrich Eckhardt
Subject: gnu-20020523.tar.gz problems creating device-nodes
Date: Sun, 9 Jun 2002 14:00:56 +0200

#include <greetings>

I was having troubles with the above tarball. Whenever native-install tried 
to create more than 64 entries in /dev, the system hung. I can't give more 
details (not even sure it is the 64th or 65th node that hangs the system) or 
backtraces because of other problems. A quick workaround is
-       /bin/sh ./MAKEDEV -v std ptyp ptyq
+       /bin/sh ./MAKEDEV -v std
+       /bin/sh ./MAKEDEV -v ptyp1 ptyp2 ptyp3 ptyp4 ptyp5 ptyp6 ptyp7 ptyp8 
+       /bin/sh ./MAKEDEV -v ptyq1 ptyq2 ptyq3 ptyq4 ptyq5 ptyq6 ptyq7 ptyq8 

I have no idea what those nodes are used for, could the imposed limit cause 
other programs to fail ?

The next problem I have is that I sometimes get a half-hanging system: I type 
a command, and nothing happens. Even builtins like env or ls (correct me if 
it is not built into bash) seem to hang until I press Ctrl-C. For logout, I 
even get some more:
hurd:~# exit
<pause, then pressing Ctrl-C>
^Cbash: /root/.bsh_logout: Interrupted system call
<pause, then pressing Ctrl-C>
^Cbash: /etc/bash.bash_logout: Interrupted system call
<system hangs, no further interaction possible>

These hangs happen without a yet conceivable pattern. Sometimes already 
directly after booting so I can't even login, sometimes later.


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