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ADV: Do you hate filing?

From: dHrmUAos
Subject: ADV: Do you hate filing?
Date: Fri, 21 Jun 2002 06:47:37 -0400


Can you find information on the Internet faster than in your own office?  Do 
you waste precious time shuffling through papers?  Do you lose files?  Is your 
desk a mess?

 *** You can find ANYTHING in your office in just five (5) seconds or 
less...GUARANTEED! ***

The computer has given everyone the capability to generate more information 
than ever, and managing it is increasingly complex.  Ironically, the one thing 
in the office that technology has not changed is how we file and retrieve 
paper, until now.

           *** Try this amazing software for 30 days ***

In development for over two years, the software is designed to help you be more 
effective.  Many of our users say it has revolutionized the way they work and 
greatly increased their productivity.  It is simple to use and understand.  
There is no paper scanning required.  Unlike other systems, this product solves 
your organizational problems by eliminating complexity.  It really works!

        ***  no paper scanning required ***

Benefits Include:

Finding files instantly, elimination of piles of paper, cross-reference 
automatically, reduce downtime due to turnover, expand files easily, find files 
on nights & weekends, etc.

Here is what user’s are saying:

“I bought the software about 6 months ago. I thought it sounded a little 
strange and maybe even goofy!  I thought, why not!!??  It can't be any worse 
than never being able to find what I want! So now, after 6 months of using it, 
I wanted to send in my thoughts.  Just today there were 3 or 4 times I was able 
to put my hands on the paperwork I needed, when I needed it!  No more rummaging 
through stacks of paper or taking long stretches of time "hunting" that 
document.  It has been a huge help to me in my business life!!  Now it really 
does look like I know what I'm doing!  Thanks again for this great software”.

The software can be used by:

Professional Speakers, Executives, Government Employees (Federal, State & 
Local), Consultants, Financial Planners, Writers, Engineers, Secretaries, 
Teachers, Clergy, Small Business Owners, Individuals At Home…really anyone who 
wants a better way to file and retrieve information!

**** If you have a file cabinet and a computer and are struggling with paper - 
you can use this product ***

To get further details, simply reply to this e-mail with the word "trial" in 
the subject box.  You will automatically get additional information on this 
revolutionary new software product and how to get the FREE 30 day trial offer.

We believe in responsible targeted mailings and respect your privacy.  If you 
wish to be taken off this advertiser's future mailings, please reply with the 
word "remove" in the subject line and you will automatically be blocked from 
their future mailings.

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