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[Patch #322] intran/outtran/destructor for fs_notify interface

From: nobody
Subject: [Patch #322] intran/outtran/destructor for fs_notify interface
Date: Thu, 27 Jun 2002 15:36:00 -0400

Patch #322 has been updated. 

Category: None
Status: Open
Summary: intran/outtran/destructor for fs_notify interface


Date: 2002-May-22 00:25
By: marcus

The patch is incomplete.  There are some other RPCs which take notify ports as 
arguments, all those should be changed to the new type.  Also, all places in 
the existing code for the changed RPCs need to be changed, too.


Date: 2002-Jun-03 07:14
By: wolfgangj

I have uploaded a revised version of the patch,
which should be complete now.  Well, the RPCs
file_notice_changes and dir_notice_changes get a
fs_notify_t port as an argument, but together
with a send right, thus they actually get a
mach_port_send_t.  Should we add a type like
`fs_notify_send_t' for this (would be pretty
useless, actually)?

Another thing I was not sure about: I have also
updated libtreefs (even if it is dead code, to
my knowledge), and there we have stuff like

DHH(s_file_notice_changes, error_t, fs_notify_t)

in a header file, which actually is used to
define the type treefs_s_file_notice_changes_t.
How should the ChangeLog entry look for this?
I used the complete type name.


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