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From: John
Subject: (no subject)
Date: Sat, 3 Aug 2002 04:41:20



The most useful Wholesale Source Guide ever put together... Save up to 
90% on over ONE MILLION top quality brand-name products.

Get low wholesale prices directly from Wholesalers, Distributors, Vendors, and 
Liquidators. Eliminate the middleman!

This guide is perfect for entrepreneurs that do business on the Internet, mail 
order, flea markets, or simply want to buy products for themselves at wholesale 

Here is just a sample of the products you can get at wholesale prices using 
our guide:

Household Goods
Sporting Goods

We will supply you with the following sources:

American Wholesalers - Thousands and thousands of American companies that 
will sell you virtually any item you can think of at low wholesale prices.

American Dropshippers - These companies will drop-ship their products right to 
your customers so you don't need to stock an inventory!

Philippines Sources - easily buy from the Philippines at the lowest wholesale 
prices possible.

Oriental Sources - Buy at low, low prices direct from Oriental countries like 
Korea, Malaysia, China, India, Thailand, Indonesia and Singapore.

Hong Kong Sources - The US dollar is very valuable in Hong Kong and their 
factories produce thousands of products at low giveaway prices.
Mexico Sources - this is a gold mine of products. Mexico is noted for their 
silver jewelry and you will have access to thousands of factories that will 
you with real profit making products.

Taiwan Sources - these are manufacturers that want to sell thousands of 
different products to you at unbelievable low prices.

Closeout Sources - Thousands of Close out companies ready to liquidate their 
merchandise at below wholesale prices!

You will have access to thousands of wholesale sources where you can find 
over ONE MILLION products and wholesale products.

All for Only


Discover the immense profits just waiting for you when using these 
wholesale sources.

To order,
Send  $10 U.S. CASH
Your E-Mail Address

Publications International
Attn: Tess DeShaw
P. O. Box 330547
Ft. Worth, TX  76163 

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