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Re: proxy-defpager

From: Roland McGrath
Subject: Re: proxy-defpager
Date: Tue, 6 Aug 2002 15:52:33 -0400 (EDT)

I used S_ as the prefix, to match our norm.  (It probably wouldn't hurt to
make hurd/default_pager.defs include hurd_types.defs like all the others do
so that it would obey the normal -DSERVERPREFIX=S_ method.  But I didn't
change it, and had avoided that originally, to minimize the modification of
the original Mach .defs file.  Not that I think that really matters.)  The
story with the user stubs is the same in swapon, and I made proxy-defpager
make its own stubs as swapon does.

I am ambivalent about including the new interface in libc.  I guess the old
one is there is might as well just switch it.  But I think it would
probably be better for this interface not to be in libhurduser.  Aside from
default_pager_object_create, it's only used by swapon.  One idea is not to
have default_pager_object_create be the thing that any Hurd user normally
uses, but rather say what they should do is use shm_open and mmap it or
getdport+io_map to get the memobj.  What shm_open really means is creat of
a file in /dev/shm/, a tmpfs directory--in fact it would be better just to
use dir_mkfile in /dev/shm for an anonymous object.  Then tmpfs is the only
thing that ever uses default_pager_object_create, and it seems ok for the
interface to be sort of "private" to the core Hurd programs.

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